Mixed Media Card Tutorial by Olga Bielska

Hello Lindy’s fans! Olga Bielska with you on the Lindy’s blog today!

I’d like to share my mixed media card made using gorgeous Lindy’s Sprays and Embossing Powders in intense and beautiful colors.

I’ve created a step-by-step video so you can see what is needed to create this for yourself. In this tutorial, you will learn a simple way how to make a background for a card.

Basic Process

  1. The first step was to spray the paper with sprays. I used South Shore Sand Flat Spray, Prima Donna Purple Shimmer Spray.
  2. Then I cut a rectangle from the page that will be the background of my card.
  3. To enrich the background, I added a few stamps and II covered the images with Cafe au Lait Embossing Powder.

4. The next step was to apply modeling paste through a stencil. I sprinkled Purely White Embossing Powder on the wet paste.

5. When everything has dried, I put together the composition.

6. I sprinkled paper leaves with sprays to get a similar color scheme.  Then I added these leaves to the page and a few foamiran flowers.

7. At the end, I added art stones mixed with white gesso and glass balls.

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