3 Easy Tags + Techniques with Magicals

Hi Lindy’s Gorgeous Gang! Nuneka here with a very easy and fun project today.  I thought you all might like to make 3 easy tags together using different techniques with Lindy’s Magicals.

To start protect your tags (I used kraft paper tags) with clear gesso and dry. This way you will get much better results.

Technique 1 – Colorful texture pastes with Magicals

Let’s prepare some gorgeous colorful pastes with Lindy’s Magicals.
All you need to do is mix some little transparent texture paste with a tiny bit of Magicals, mix with your palette knife on your nonstick craft mat and apply through the stencil as you usually do with a store bought paste. I recommend you to use transparent glossy texture paste for even more beautiful results. You can mix the colors directly when applying them. Then dry well.


Technique 2 – Magicals on top of gesso and texture paste

This is the way I use Lindy’s Magicals most of the times. On smaller tags apply a light coat of white gesso with the craft knife, let it dry and apply regular texture paste using the same stencil. Dry again and then spray water, sprinkle Magicals, add more water and dry. I recommend you use the same colors as in the first technique, this way you will appreciate better how different they look.

Technique 3 – Watercoloring with Magicals

Let’s make some embellishments. Just use your favorite stamp with waterproof ink on watercolor paper, make sure the ink is dry and wet the paper. Randomly sprinkle some Magicals and spray water. You can use a paintbrush to help the colors blend but don’t mix them too much. Again I recommend that you use the same colors, so everything will match. You can also color the stamps just making splatters: put a little bit of water on your mat, add a tiny amount of Magical, mix well and make splatters. Always dry between colors. When you are done, fussy cut these stamped elements.

Design your tags

It’s time to put everything together. All you have to do is building an easy design because we want all those Lindy’s to be very visible and be the center of attention.
Add jute rope to your tags, glue some sisal and the smaller tags on top. Then combine your stamped elements, stick a little sentiment and some few sequins to embellish. You are done!


You can watch the full tutorial on Lindy’s YouTube channel:


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