DIY Wall-Art using Lindy’s Magical Shakers

Hej wonderful Gang! Martina aka Frau Pony here with you today on the Lindy’s Blog and I’d like to show you how I created my latest DIY Wall Art piece using the gorgeous Lindy’s Magical Shakers.


When I started my project, I have been thinking about rainbow gradient colors, but I ended up with three of them as you will see later.


I started by covering the upper side of my feathers with a thin layer of Gesso.
Be careful to apply the Gesso only in the direction the feathers grew in, to keep that beautiful shape they have!


After the Gesso had dried, I started coloring the feathers.
I sprinkled some of the Magical Powder onto the feather and started with moving the color around.
Sometimes I have used a brush, sometimes I just used water from the mister to get those wonderful pigments flowing.



Even if I changed my mind and didn’t go with the full rainbow, I still had that gradient of colors in mind. That’s why I colored each feather with the main color and then added some sprinkles of the next feathers color as well.  I ended up using Magnolia Magenta Gold, Afternoon Delight Denim and Guten Tag Teal.



When I liked the color coverage of the feathers (I have added color on some of them twice), I let them dry naturally.


During the drying time of the feathers, I started to create my background on a piece of heavy Mixed Media Paper.

I added some of the Magical Shakers in Magnolia Magenta Gold, Afternoon Delight Denim and Guten Tag Teal into a palette and watered the Magical Powder down so I was able to use them like Watercolours.

I painted one area in each color, so I ended up with three spots for each of my three feathers.


I have glued the feathers down and to add a tiny little extra, I have been looking for some yarn in matching colors and added a tiny cross stitch on top of each feather.  Done like this, it seems as if the stitching is holding the feathers.


To finish my piece, I have written some inspirational words next to each of the feathers and now I can’t wait to hang it up on the wall in my craft room.




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  • Feathers and heavy Mixed Media Paper


I hope you liked my DIY Wall-Art project and feel inspired to create your own!

Have a wonderful Day!



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