Eco Junk Album and 3 Mixed Media Tips from Maria Lillepruun

Hello, dear Lindy’s Gang friends!

In Summer, I enjoy creating eco-style projects of all kinds! So today I would like to show you my biggest project for this Summer, which I have just completed – I’d like to call it the eco junk album. I made it of different sorts of paper, mixing patterned paper with handmade paper, adding some black cardstock and black paper die cuts too. This album does not contain any personal photos yet, but it is made entirely out of cardstock envelopes, so there is a possibility to stick in quite many additional images or memorabilia in between the pages.

The full album overview is at the end of the following techniques video. Enjoy!

Even if you are not particularly a mixed media person, a scrapbook project like this can benefit from a tiny touch of paint! I looove making paper projects, the more paper the better! But I surely always add at least one element of mixed media into them, just to make things a little more complex and intriguing 🙂 Lindy´s Gang gorgeous products are my great helpers!

I have shot a video tutorial where I show three simple mixed media techniques on spicing up a scrapbook album. You do not need many materials to do so!
In the video, I will use only 2 shades of Magicals, 2 shades of Shakers and 1 embossing powder.

Basic Process

  1. Tip 1. First, I mixed some white texture paste with Frolic in the Forest and Yodeling Yellow powders, and then applied it through a stencil straight onto all of my black backgrounds. This created a nice but not too striking texture on the background, that went well together with the paper layers I added later.
  2. Tip 2. Transparent acetate sheets always add some mystery to the scrapbook project, so I like to use them in between the pages. For the next step, I took some 3D gloss gel and dried flower petals, so I could immure them but keep the surface transparent. Later on, I sprinkled some Frosty Forest Green and Lederhosen Laurel powders on the acetates and added some water.  As the Magicals do no stick well to non-porous acetate surface, it was useful to coat the dried acetate sheets with a layer of glossy varnish (in an aerosol). This final step was not shown in the video, sorry for that.
  3. Tip 3. I decided to use an embossing powder called Ghouly Goblin Green on the cover of my album. So I applied a little of 3D gloss gel here and there on the decorations, poured some powder over the whole cover, and used a heat tool to melt it. This should be done very carefully because many synthetic decorations we use on covers do not tolerate heat well. So in order to decorate the textile and plastic elements with embossing powder, you should either eliminate embellishments that may melt from your cover or just do it all very quickly and be aware that some of the decorations will deform a bit during the heating.

And some pictures of the ready layouts in the album:

Lindy’s Products

Other Products

  • Album base (Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts), patterned paper (Eco Paper, Fabrika Decoru), texture paste (Liquitex), 3D Gloss Gel, toppings (Prima Marketing Inc), chipboard (Lavandovyj Komod), stencils (Fabrika Decoru, Cadence), die cuts (Tim Holtz).

Thank you!


Maria Lillepruun

Mixed media artist, crafter, scrapbooker & educator based in Estonia. Web: YouTube: Maria Lillepruun Instagram: @magic_attic_maria Facebook: Magic Attic Design

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