Galaxy Bag with Squirts and Shakers by Viktoriya P.

Hello, my dear friends! Viktoriya Porechnaya here with you today. I like painting and I like bags very much! I have many different bags, but it isn’t always enough!  So I thought I could make a special bag with my very special design and Lindy’s Squirts and Shakers help me! They work great with watercolor technics and allow us to create hundreds of tones and colors when you mix them together!

You can see in my video tutorial how I painted this fabulous galaxy and flying whale.

Basic Process

  1. Mix PVA Glue with water 3:1 and apply to fabric with a brush, let it dry.
  2. Create your own Galaxy using Squirts and a wet brush, mixing then directly on the fabric
  3. Add some stars and nebulas with Stormy Silver Shakers
  4. Paint The Whale using white acrylic paint and add some Squirts and Shakers for coloring
  5. Add planets, constellations and some other details to your Galaxy
  6. Cut it from fabric, add colors and splashes if you need, then apply Clear Varnish Spray carefully and dry it!
  7. Glue it to the bag and sew with a sewing machine or by hand.
  8. Your unique bag is ready!

Some close-up

Lindy’s Products

Other products

  • PVA Glue, Clear Varnish Spray

Wish you a great inspirational day!

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