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Valerie here and I’m back today with a special background collage technique, it’s very simple to create and adds lots of wonderful colors and textures on your background. You can use magazine pages or books, rice papers or any thin papers.

P1170299 (2)

First of all, choose your collage papers and 3-4 sprays which fit well with your color palette.

P1170282 (2)

As usual, I started with a thin coat of Clear Gesso over my paper.

After that, I used a stencil and Modeling Paste to create texture on my background.

P1170285 (2)

Then, I ripped pieces from my collage papers and I glued here and there on my background with 3d Gel Medium.

P1170286 (2)

P1170287 (2)

When it’s dry, I covered the pieces with another coat of Clear Gesso.  I love the effect of the Moonshadow spray to create a dark effect. I used 5 colors on this watercolor background: Pegleg Pete Purple, Moonlit Mulberry, Phantom Fuchsia, Blazing Black, Witch’s Potion Purple.

P1170304 (2)

I added my sprays using brush and I added one color at a time, then I added water to create paler colors.

P1170288 (2)

P1170289 (2)

Don’t forget to let your background dry after each color. You can use a heat gun too to hurry things up.

P1170292 (2)

P1170293 (2)

Add photos and embellishments and my layout is finished.

P1170299 (2)

P1170302 (2)

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See you soon ladies!

Have a very nice day,

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