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Hello gang!
Nuneka here today with a project inspired by this month Color Challenge. The combo is sooooo gorgeous that my mind went crazy with ideas and I tried to put them all together in one project. Please don’t think I’m too crazy, you have the full video tutorial to guide you if you want to create something similar. Just grab your favorite Lindy’s and let’s do this together step by step.

Step 1: Prepare your hoop and paper

  • I covered the hoops with white gesso and dried well.
  • Then I drew the hoop circumference in scrapbooking paper and cut it out, I protected the papers with clear gesso and glued them to the hoops. I also glued cardboard circles on the back so the surface is stronger.
  • I carefully applied paper texture paste to the hoop, trying not to leave too much on the papers.

Step 2: Work on your background

  • Thinking is important in order to not make a mess with the colors… so I thought of the best way to combine the challenge colors and decided to create a darker area on the bottom (using the purples) and some light on the top (with the yellow).
  • I used Starburst Sprays Tea pot Purple and Magnolia Magenta Gold, plus Magical Witch’s Potion Purple to color the three quarters of the surface, and as the paper was flat, it was perfect to create some “water marks” while drying the colors. To have more control on such a limited area, I used a paintbrush to apply the colors instead of spraying them.
  • I also painted the hoops with the same purple colors a bit diluted to make them lighter, and only darker on the bottom right area.
  • I used Starburst Spray Yellow Rose of Texas on the left top area to create the illusion of a ray of light. Again I used a paintbrush to make sure it did not mix with the purples too much and risk creating brown colors.

  • The background needed some details, so I applied texture paste with a stencil here and there on top of the colors, creating a beautiful white pattern that can be partially seen.
  • I stamped with black ink, just a few words and lines.
  • I made lots of white splatters.
  • Finally, I gave depth to the project applying Moon Shadow Mist Smoky Sapphire to the hoops, and I create some shadow around with brown ink pad.

Step 3: Prepare your embellishments

  • I painted some chipboards with Magicals Opal Sea Oats and Mission Bells Brown. I just mixed a tiny amount of Magicals with water and painted the chipboards with a brush, this way the chipboards absorb the colors and the shimmer stays on the surface creating a gorgeous effect.
  • I painted some bulbs with yellow gold acrylic paint.

Step 4: Build your composition

  • I glued both hoops together, adding some cardboard pieces under the smaller one so it has more stability.
  • I also used cardboard pieces to add volume to the photos and some of the flowers I placed around.
  • I glued the Roman numbers, chipboards, cabochons, bulbs and flowers, put the photos in place and added some sentiments.
  • I glued some white stars on the top part and microbeads here and there.

I know it seems like a lot of work, but actually, it is like any other layout on a round area.
I really want to encourage you to try because the results can be amazing!

You can watch the full process on Lindy’s YouTube channel

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My name is Nuneka, I'm from Spain and I'm one of the Lindy's Educators.

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