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Hello! Martina here with you today – sharing one of my biggest passions when it comes to colors and paper crafting – Color swatching.


Every time, I get my hands on a new collection of gorgeous Alexandra Renke papers, I sit down at my crafting table, lay the papers down and take my Lindy’s Swatches Pouch out.


I have these little bookbinding rings where I have all my Squirts, Embossing Powders, Magical Shakers and Magicals swatched on.


The first step is always a hard one. I try to make groups of the papers with similar colors.
(This minimizes the number of swatches I have to create).


Then I can start. Usually, I begin with my Starburst Squirts – there are only ten of them and they are all quite different.
So I get an easy start into this swatching process 🙂


When I have chosen my Squirts (in this case Oh Canada Crimson and Loonie Toonie Teal),  next I decide which Magical Shakers I’d like to go with the Squirt colors I’ve chosen.


For these papers, I couldn’t decide if I liked Cathedral Pines Green or Lederhosen Laurel best to match them – that’s why I haven’t added a green Shaker to my Swatches. But I have choosen Guten Tag Teal and Afternoon Delight Denim for all the blues and turquoises in there.


After I have been through all of my Magical Shakers, I pulled out my ring with the Embossing Powders swatched on it. As the papers are full of green/turquoise/deep blue and red tones, I decided to go with Terra Cotta Rust, Pumpkin Fiesta, Merry Go Round Green, Midnight Sapphire and Hyacinth Blue Jade.


Usually, I keep the swatching of the Magicals as the last part. It is always the most beautiful and difficult part of the swatching process. There are so many beautiful shades of all colors in the range of Magicals and I usually have a hard time deciding which colors seem to match the papers in the best way I can imagine.


When I’m done choosing my colors, I pull out a bunch of tags and write the names of the products onto them and add a hint of each of the colors beneath.  This is how I create little swatching bundles which I send to the manufacturer of the papers, so the customers in the shop have an opportunity to choose their own wonderful Lindy’s colors knowing which colors will match the papers best.


Whenever I’m completing this process, I take tons of pictures of the papers, the swatches and the Lindy’s products.


Some are more focused on the swatches and their match with the papers.



…and some of them …


are just for fun.



And for the love of swatches. ♥



Lindy’s Products

I hope you liked this little insight onto my crafting table and feel inspired to grab some gorgeous Lindy’s colors and use them with some beautiful papers of your own!

Have a wonderful day!


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