How to Create Fabric Leaves with Lindy’s Sprays from Olga Ravenskaya

Hi gorgeous friends!

It’s Olga Ravenskaya today with my new fall-themed mini canvas using Lindy’s Sprays and Embossing Powders.

All the embellishments for this work, chippies, flowers, frame and fabric leaves, I painted with Lindy’s Sprays to match them perfectly to each other.

And today I’d like to share with you how to make bright and beautiful fabric leaves using Lindy’s Sprays and Embossing Powders.

Here is the list of materials needed:

  • 3 or 4 Lindy’s Sprays according to your color combo choice – I’ve made two color palettes.
  • 2 or 3 Lindy’s Embossing Powders – I’ve picked Clearly Clear, Sunrise Salmon Gold and Hyacinth Blue Jade.
  • Leaves stamps
  • Pieces of natural fabric – I’ve used linen
  • Embossing dabber
  • Heat gun
  • Wide brush
  • Waterbased white glue.

First I covered the pieces of linen fabric on both sides with waterbased white glue using a wide brush.

Completely dry them and then stamp with different leaf patterns using water-resistant black ink.

Then I made a colorful puddle of Lindys sprays on my table, spraying color by color and letting them mix naturally.

Here I’ve used Edelweiss Moss Green, Summer Lovin’ Sun, Time Travel Teal and the drops of Rizzo’s Rowdy Red Sprays.

The most unbeautiful pic I’ve ever taken explains very well what I did next – dipped the piece of fabric into the puddle.

Turn it over and look at this effect!

For the second piece of fabric I’ve used another color combo – Edelweiss Moss Green, Yellow Rose of Texas, Grab a Guy Gold and  Rizzo’s Rowdy Red sprays.

The fabric turned out of golden autumn shades.  You may vary sprays to get your own color combo. Every time the result will be different and unique!

Let them dry completely and cut out leaves.

They are already beautiful, but I decided to add a glossy effect and a golden sheen with Clearly Clear and Sunrise Salmon Gold embossing powders.

One more tip – when the leaves are warm after heating, they are flexible – so give them the natural look by shaping with your fingers.

Have a look how gorgeous they turned out!

Don’t forget about the back – just spray on them using matching colors.

For the other batch, I’ve decided to add turquoise shimmer – so I first I covered them with  Clearly Clear Embossing Powder and then partially sprinkled with Hyacinth Blue Jade.

Here it is how they look together on the finished project.

Lindy’s products

Other products

  • Scrapiniec chipboard, ABstudio paper, Finnabair’s artstones, Liquitex white gesso, Golden pumice paste, Allmacraft flowers, Pastel Flowers.

Hoping you’ve enjoyed my post!

Happy Fall!



Mixed media artist and educator from the beautiful city Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Totally addicted to the colorful world of Lindy's. YouTube: Olga Ravenskaya/Instagram: @olga.ravenskaya

4 thoughts on “How to Create Fabric Leaves with Lindy’s Sprays from Olga Ravenskaya

  1. Dear anyasofia I’m using a white waterbase glue to cover the linen fabric coz colors will be more vivid on it and the fabric turns out very firm. Gesso “eats” colors a bit) And thank you so much for your kind words!

  2. Thank you. Thus is the first project in a long time that has inspired me to sit right down and try myself!

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