Autumn Wreath with Lindy’s Sprays

Hello! Nuneka here with a super cute and easy project today. I love autumn, the weather, the colors, the light… it inspires me sooo much! And I decided to make my own autumn wreath from scratch to welcome the season. So I went to the forest near my house and picked some few twigs the last storm bought to the ground, they are still flexible and that’s all you need to make your own wreath!

As the weather is not cold yet and we are having storms in the evening and sunny morning, many autumn flowers are blooming. That made me realize beautiful flowers are not only for spring… so grab the flowers you have in your craft room, because I’m going to show you how to make them match with your project.

Create your wreath from scratch

  • All you need for this step is a bunch of twigs without leaves. Peel them off… and save those leaves for decoration! Now start building the wreath by twisting the end of now twig with the start of the next. Add more twigs until you form a complete circle. You can use clothespins or string to secure this first circle. Then coil the next twigs until your wreath is of your liking. Always hide the ends in the little space between the twigs that are already in the circle. You’ll see it clearly in the video tutorial.
  • Once you have your wreath, cover it with clear gesso. This way, when painting it with Lindy’s Sprays, you will keep that wood look. Let it air dry.
  • Use a couple of your favorite Lindy’s brown sprays and color your wreath! Once dry it will look fabulous in deep rich brown tones, in my case I used Dark Chocolate Truffle and Cocoa Bean Copper.

Customize your flowers

  • Grab the flowers you like, thinking only about the shape to build a nice composition. The material is not important, in my case I chose paper flowers, plastic flowers and fabric flowers. This adds different textures and they will look amazing once you color them.
  • Cover all your flowers with gesso. You can use clear gesso if you like the original color (this way Lindy’s sprays will make that color more intense or will show part of it in the background), or you can use white gesso if you want to completely change the colors. In my case, I used white gesso to change some of the flowers from green to pink, for example. Take your time and cover each flower carefully. Let them air dry.
  • Select a color combo, in my case I chose autumn colors: Hag’s Wart Orange, California Poppy Gold, Yellow Rose of Texas, Ramblin’ Rose Pink… And paint your flowers one by one, paying attention to details and trying to get soft transitions when you use two colors or more.

Create some accompaniments

  • Even if you want to keep your wreath nice and simple, you need some extra things to make it look more natural, I used spikes, cheesecloth and leaves.
  • The spikes are made from paper so I changed the color a bit, with a gesso coat and a light color bath with Magical Shaker Grab a Guy Gold.
  • The cheesecloth was perfect to add some extra yellow touches, so I dyed it with Yellow Rose of Texas and California Poppy Gold Sprays.
  • For the leaves, I used handmade paper, which is thick and soft, and dyed it with Sea Grass Green and Bayou Boogie Gold Sprays. Then I dried with the heat tool and used cutting dies to get the shape.

Decoration and final touches

  • All you have to do now is to build your composition, glue elements carefully to the wreath (remember Lindy’s react in touch with wet products like glue) and let it dry.
  • Try to find some balance. Add the biggest elements first, them the small flowers, some large adornments as the spikes, fill the holes with cheesecloth and glue some few leaves to finish. Let it dry again.
  • For an extra sparkly touch, you can add a little wax to some twigs in the wreath and glue some micro beads for a textured look. You can also glue butterflies, a sentiment or anything you want to make it even more special.
  • Tie some jute rope on the top part so you can hang the wreath.



You can create your own autumn wreath from scratch following the tutorial on Lindy’s YouTube channel:


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  • I used gesso, glue, jute rope, cheesecloth, handmade paper, metallic wax, micro beads, gloss gel medium

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