Faux Crystal Cluster Tutorial by Phoebe Tonosaki

Hello Lindy’s Gang! It has been a while since I am was here with you on the blog, did you miss me?

Today I am sharing a special project with you, to demonstrate how to create a Faux Crystal Cluster just with Lindy’s Gang AWESOME products!!  Yes – did you know you can use them for so much more than mixed media and papercrafts!  I can’t wait to show you all how to create this amazing DIY crystal cluster for yourself!


All you need is a few silicone molds of crystal shapes, UV resin or another type of transparent resin and LINDY’S beautiful sprays, Squirts and embossing powder!
Then you are good to go!

Here is my video tutorial on how to create this super yummy hot Instagram trend!

There are the few basic steps

  1. Pour resin into a crystal-shaped silicone mold
  2. Add Lindy’s spray or squirts to the resin and mix as best as you can
  3. Use UV light to set, or wait for the required time if you are using epoxy resin
  4. Make multiple crystals in different shapes and colors
  5. Use a small subject as the base of the cluster. eg: a Wood chip
  6. Glue the crystals onto the base
  7. Add glitter and mini ice cubes
  8. Add texture paste around the edge to cover the base
  9. Pour Lindy’s embossing powder on the textured area
  10. Refrain from melting the embossing powder completely so it will stay textured

This pink version is made with a toy crystal which inspired me to start this project. The toy crystal was shaped almost too perfect and a bit unnatural, so I think the one I created looks more real and really special.


Lindy’s Products

Other Products

  • Silicone crystal mold, wood chip, resin

I sincerely hope you like this project just as I do (cos I LOVE anything that sparkles !!!)

Phoebe Tonosaki




2 thoughts on “Faux Crystal Cluster Tutorial by Phoebe Tonosaki

  1. Hello Ina,
    Thank you so much for your kind words. SO HAPPY that you like it <3 hope you will try it out and have some sparkle fun !!

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