Vintage Round Canvas using Moon Shadow Mists with Anat

It’s Anat here and for today’s blog post, I’m sharing a new Video Tutorial showing how to create a vintage feminine round Canvas colored using gorgeous Lindy’s Magicals, Sprays and Embossing Powder.

Basic Steps

  1. Prime a round wooden base
  2. Cover it with Polyester Linen Fabric using Soft Gel
  3. Brush on top a layer of White Heavy Gesso
  4. Mix white gesso with Cattail Copper Brown Magical. To make the mixture a bit gritty, add texture powder. Add Autumn Leaves Crimson Magical. Cover the chipboards with the mixture
  5. Color the big clay decoration with Pegleg Pete purple Spray
  6. Color two small frames with Cowabunga Copper Spray
  7. Softly add to the lace piece, Open Arms Amethyst Spray
  8. Add a piece of tissue paper to the base
  9. To add some texture, spread Paper paste with a stencil, quickly, before it dries, cover it with Imperial Crown Purple Gold Embossing Powder and heat emboss
  10. Add white Crackle Paste
  11. Rub the embellishments with Metalique waxes
  12. Assemble everything on the base with your favorite glue
  13. Add vintage laces
  14. Add a bit of Cowabunga Copper Spray
  15. Dry brush some White Heavy gesso

Note that Lindy’s amazing vintage Moon shadow sprays have a gorgeous brownish shade together with another color which is fully revealed when dry.

Watch the creation process here:

And here are more photos and close-ups:

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