Easy Fall Decoration with Lindy’s Colors

Welcome to a easy and fun step by step tutorial featuring some treasures of fall and lots of gorgeous Lindy’s colors.


Usually, I’d say that I am a paper crafter and don’t do lots of “off paper” projects. But my wonderful Lindy’s DT friends inspired (and encouraged) me to give them a try every now and then.  So I started with buying random things that made me think of getting messy with them 🙂  These rattan spheres are one of these things. I couldn’t stop thinking of making them colorful. And when my Mum gave me those gorgeous pumpkins and other fall bits and bobs, I suddenly had a fall home decorations plate in my mind.

Because I already knew that this project is going to be a really messy one, I have put on some gloves to get creative.


To make sure that I have a proper base for the gorgeous Lindy’s colors, I have covered the spheres with white gesso. To get them covered, I have simply applied the gesso onto my palms and added it to the spheres by rolling them between my hands.


When the gesso was completely dried, I started to get some color onto the rattan spheres.

The first one, I have colored with Magical Shaker in California Poppy Gold. I sprinkled some of the color powder into a palm, added a tiny bit of water and again, started to roll the sphere between my hands. The final color of the rattan sphere can easily be controlled by adding more of the shaker color or more water.


For the next sphere, I used a Starburst Spray in Red Hot Poker Orange. Here it was even easier since the color is already dissolved with water and I just had to add more spray until I liked the coverage.


There is no need to wash your hands between the different colors, as long you are starting with the lightest color.


When the rattan spheres were (mostly) dry, I started to cover them with embossing ink.

(YES. I do have an Embossing Ink Pad which is dedicated to the “messy kind of stuff” so I am not worried about the traces I may get onto it :))

After they had a nice coverage of the ink, I poured Embossing powder over the balls and heat embossed them. It is absolutely recommended to use tweezers to hold the spheres while using the heat tool on them!


Well – the work is done and I am super happy with the result (and with the decision, to work with gloves, too!)


I simply arranged my Spheres with the pumpkins and other fall things on a glass plate and placed it on my dining table.

I think these colorful spheres add a nice and unique little extra to this fall arrangement…



…and to my living room!


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