Make your own Abstract Mixed Media Art with Cindy

Hi Gang! It’s Cindy here with you today and this post is going to be all about some abstract Mixed Media art with my favorite Lindy’s embossing powders. Get ready for some purple and violet extravaganza and lots of embossing powders!

Basic Process

  1. Start by applying a layer of clear gesso onto a canvas or wooden object (I’ve used a cheese plate)
  2. Adhere pieces of tissue wrap using a soft medium or Mod Podge
  3. Make sure to apply another layer of gesso on top; these mediums are similar to sealers so your ink will just glide off if you don’t add a layer of gesso first
  4. Apply a layer of black a gesso but make sure to not completely cover the board  (check out the video to see what I mean)
  5. Add some extra texture, I’ve used Sand Paste by Finnabair
  6. Apply multiple layers of embossing powder to the chipboard, heat setting every layer first before working on the next layer.
  7. Finish with a layer of ultra-thick embossing enamel to create a glass-like effect
  8. To add even more texture, use a piece of cheesecloth and sculpture medium and attach it to the board using a soft gel medium
  9. Add multiple colors of paint (I’ve used a matte impasto paint and metallic gouache) using a sponge creates more texture
  10. Using Lindy’s Gang Sprays to create more depth and color
  11. Adhere everything onto the board
  12. To create a more interesting look I stamped some grungy images on to the board and added a layer of black gesso to the sides
  13. Last but not least, I added a layer of embossing powder on the back of some glass cabochons and glued these on top of the board

Check out some close-ups and watch the video below

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Other Products

  • Clear, White and Black Gesso, Tissue Wrap, Soft Gel Medium, Sculpture Medium, Cheesecloth, Sand Paste, Chipboard, VersaMark, Impasto Paint, Gouache, Glass Cabochons, Archival Ink, AALL & Create Stamp


Thank you for stopping by and have a fabulous day!


One thought on “Make your own Abstract Mixed Media Art with Cindy”

  1. This is beautiful. . . more so because purple is my favorite color. I am so inspired and ready to use my Lindys products in a different way.

    This project is my favorite so far. BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL. . .

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