Mixed Media Layout with my Favorite Grays by Nuneka

Hi there gang!
Nuneka here with a mixed media layout I’ve created using my favorite Lindy’s gray colors (and a touch of pink, that’s true). As you may know, Lindy’s Magicals have a dominant color and multiple particles of other colors. That is especially noticeable on gray tones and when you spray water on top of the Magicals the result can be spectacular and mesmerizing.

Creating the background

  • I start by protecting the paper with clear gesso and adding some texture paste through a stencil in the areas where I’m going to place the clusters. Dry the texture paste really well before the next step.
  • Spray a little water on those same areas and then sprinkle a tiny amount of Magicals. I’ve chosen two of my favorite gray Magicals colors because they will give me a rainbowish shade together with the beautiful shiny gray: Gag me with a Spoon Gray and Silent Night Silver). I let them sit for a few seconds and then sprayed water. I moved the page so the colors look more natural when they dry.
  • Trick: if you want a homogeneous gray look, then use a paintbrush to blend the colors before drying; in this case I really wanted all the other color to be visible creating that wow effect.

Working on the embellishments

  • In order to add a little contrast for my photo, I die cut some watercolor wood strips and looked for a nice delicate color. I covered the wood strips with white gesso and let them dry. I chose Magical Shaker Oom pah pah Pink because it’s a really pretty color and it added light exactly where I wanted. Oom pah pah Pink contains different shades of pink and also some yellow particles, and this gives extra interest! As usual, I sprayed water, sprinkled the Magical Shaker, let the powders sit for a second and added more water. I dried all the strips very well and inked the edges with a black ink pad.
  • I used a faceted heart die to make the next embellishment. Even though I used watercolor paper, I covered the heart with white gesso and dry very well. Then I sprinkled a tiny tiny amount of Magical Gag me with a Spoon Gray and sprayed water. I moved the heart to make the colors show and then dried.
  • I covered the frame chipboard with white gesso and added snowflake paste. Once dry, I sprayed Starburst Spray Silent Night Silver and dried again. This way I got the perfect undertone for the glitter I glued on top.

Building the layout

  • I used cardboard pieces under the wood pink strips to get different heights, giving my project volume and depth. I glued a couple of them in the top part and used the rest to create a kind of wall for the focal element.
  • I made white splatters to get a dreamy look.
  • I glued the chipboards, a small piece in the top area and the rounded frame in the main one. Then I placed the faceted heart and added some paper flowers.
  • I added a crazy photo of me and a snarky wood sentiment, to give my project a funny touch.
  • Finally, I glued some few art stones and a little glitter on top.

You’ll find the full tutorial on Lindy’s YouTube channel:

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Scrapbooking paper, clear gesso, white gesso, texture paste, stencil, black ink pad, tacky glue, gel medium, glitter, art stones, chipboard, paper flowers.


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My name is Nuneka, I'm from Spain and I'm one of the Lindy's Educators. https://www.youtube.com/c/MerakibyNuneka https://www.instagram.com/nuneka__/

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