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Hello and Welcome! Martina aka Frau Pony here with you today sharing some easy gift wrapping ideas with the brand new and oh-so-wonderful Alexandsa’s Artists Magical Set from Lindy’s.

I totally love giving away beautifully wrapped gifts! But I am having a hard time spending lots of money for the wrapping, and I don’t like the idea that this stuff could end up used only once… Do you have similar thoughts?

If yes – I got you covered!

I’d like to share some of my favorite gift wrapping ideas for this holiday season – using just the materials you can see below.


I am mainly using the new Alexandra’s Artists Magicals Set (which I totally love!) and some tissue paper that used to be the packaging of papers I have received via mail.

To start, I have colored a piece of white cotton ribbon with some Magical Powder in Karin’s Coral.

Some of the Magical Powder has been pre-mixed with water (which gives a more even look when applied) in a palette before applying to the ribbon and some of the Magical has just been sprinkled on to it. I sprayed some extra water to it, kneaded the ribbon and set it aside to dry.


Then, I stamped some big flowers onto my sheet of tissue paper and colored it with Magical in Lara’s Wild Malve.
I didn’t care about exact results – I just wanted to get some color onto the flowers.


When the flowers had been completely colored and my brush still was full of color, I painted some strokes onto a page in an old book. I even splattered some Magical in Martina’s Marigold over it since I did the same thing on my tissue paper and loved the effect.


For my second tissue paper, I have been using Magicals in Karin’s Coral, Andrea’s Azalea and Martina’s Marigold. I just painted some brush strokes in every color onto the tissue paper and set it aside to dry.


Whilst my papers were drying, I created a gift tag with one of my absolute favorite techniques using Lindy’s Magicals – Applying it over Texture paste through a stencil.

Running Texture Paste through a stencil and stencil still in place – immediately sprinkling on some Magical Powder to spread it with a pallet knife.


Simple, but absolutely beautiful!


When the book page has dried, I have punched out some stars from my colored page, using a simple hand punch.


As the finishing touch, I have colored a piece of paper yarn with a matching Magical – I think this adds the last extra to this upcycled gift wrapping.


And these are the finished gifts:





I have put these two gifts into a box and wrapped this box with packing paper. To make it more festive, beautiful and personal, I have glued all of my old-book paper-stars onto it.



Lindy’s Products

  • Lindy’s Magical Set “Alexandra’s Artists”



I really hope you liked these ideas!  Have a wonderful day and happy gifting!



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