Mixed Media Advent Calendar with Maria Lillepruun


This is Maria Lillepruun with you today. This year I made a special Advent calendar for my kids. According to Russian tradition in some regions, the kids receive little gifts or sweets every day during the month of December right until the 31st, and not only until Christmas 🙂

This Christmas tree-like calendar has already taken its place on our mantelpiece at home. Inside every tiny box, there are either candies, other healthier treats or little notes with indications on where to find the little gifts hidden around the house.

Here is the video on how I decorated our special family Advent calendar, using Lindy´s Gang products. Enjoy!


Basic Process

  • First of all, I assembled an MFD Advent calendar using PVA glue. Then, I colored it all with basic shabby grey paint.
  • I wanted a lighter warmer color for the front sides of the little boxes, so I decided to mix the leftovers of the grey paint with white metallic paint and Bratwurst Brown shaker.
  • After everything was painted, I went on with the numbers. I colored the MDF numbers with white acrylic paint (simply because I ran out of white gesso). Then I colored the numbers first with Cocklebells Coral shimmer spray, and then with Canadian Bacon Blush squirt. The latter added a deeper color accent to the numbers.
  • I sealed the colored numbers with Clearly Clear embossing powder, which added a glossy touch to the surface.
  • Later, I decided to frame the boxes´ edges with light acrylic paint, glued on the numbers and assembled all the pieces together.

Lindy’s Products

Other Products:

  • Advent calendar blank, grey Shabby Velour acrylic paint (Fabrika Decoru), PVA glue, white metallic paint (Maimeri), white acrylic paint (DecoArt), Impasto Linen paint (Prima Marketing Inc).

Thank you for your attention, dear friends! Merry forthcoming Christmas!



Maria Lillepruun

Mixed media artist, crafter, scrapbooker & educator based in Estonia. Web: www.MagicAtticDesign.com YouTube: Maria Lillepruun Instagram: @magic_attic_maria Facebook: Magic Attic Design

3 thoughts on “Mixed Media Advent Calendar with Maria Lillepruun

  1. Thank you!
    The calendar blank is produced by a Ukrainian brand Fabrika Decoru, I think they don´t sell it in US, the sole option is to order from abroad, I am afraid.

  2. I love the Steampunk feel to this Advent calendar! Where would I find one in USA? It’s never to early to plan for next year!

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