Altered wood panel by Nuneka

Hola hola, gang!
Nuneka here with my first project in 2020! Yay! As you may know, this year I’m part of the Lindy’s Educator team, which means I’ll be using Lindy’s in my “in person” classes, but also I’ll be doing some live stream projects to have the chance to interact with you guys! I’ll be doing this project live today at 19:00 CET (this is 10:00 am PST) on Lindy’s YouTube channel, and I will answer your questions, chat with you and give you some tips. I’ll try to do at least one live stream project per month, so pay attention to Lindy’s Instagram and Facebook page because you’ll find there all the advertisements of the different Lindy’s Educators live streams and classes.

That been said, let’s talk about today’s project!! I’ve prepared something easy and beautiful, something you can do with very few supplies and that will be enough to show you a couple of cool techniques with fantastic results.

The background

I’ve used one of my wood panels to create a colorful background, this is how:

  • I covered it with white gesso using a sponge and dried.
  • I added some touches of extra white texture paste in the corners and in the central area, and dried again
  • Then I started playing with my Magicals; I picked mint and purple colors to make them match with my embellishments: I used the darkest purple in the center (Sweet Violet Purple Teal), then the soft pinkish-purple (Frenchy’s Pink Pouf), next a touch of pale blue (Sassy Saphire) to make the transition to deepest mint (Merci Beaucoup Mint).
  • I dried with the heat tool, but just a little because I wanted to add a touch of white, making some splatters with Starburst Spray Frozen Jack Frost. I let it blend a bit and dried completely.

The embellishments

I work on different embellishments and created the composition when they were all ready:

  • I covered a clay butterfly with white gesso, dried well and added a tiny amount of Magical Sweet Violet Purple Teal to color it. I dried again and highlighted the reliefs with golden wax.

  • I grabbed some leafy shaped chipboards and color them directly with Lindy’s Squits (Emerald Eh! and Banff Blue). I love this technique because you don’t need to seal the chipboard, you just use the squirts directly and the intense color dyes everything, while the shimmery mica stays on the surface creating an amazing effect.

  • I covered a little flashlight bulb with clear gesso, then I added shimmery colors with Lindy’s Magical Gag me with a Spoon Gray and Squirt Poutine Gold. I held it with a piece of wire and tied the other end to a bootle cap, then I glued transparent wings to the little bulb.

The composition

  • I glued some pieces of cardboard to lift the central piece, the bottle cap.
  • Then I glued the leafy chipboards at different levels, creating a “bed” for the flowers.
  • I adjusted some flowers and inked the edges for a more natural look, I glued them.
  • I used a glossy gel medium to glue some crystals inside the bottle cap, I glued the butterfly on top.
  • Finally, I glued a sentiment and some little glitter here and there.


If you missed the YouTube Live Stream, you can still watch it on Lindy’s YouTube channel:


Lindy’s products

Other products:

  • wooden panel, white gesso, clear gesso, gel medium, tacky glue, texture paste, ink pads, golden wax, glitter.





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My name is Nuneka, I'm from Spain and I'm one of the Lindy's Educators.

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