Easy Abstract Art with Phoebe Tonosaki

Hello gang, today I want to share an easy and fun technique with you, especially for Lindy’s lovers who are interested in something fun,, bright or abstract! We can all make Abstract art easily with Lindy’s Gang awesome Magicals!

All you need are your favorite colors of Magicals or Magical shakers, different sizes of brushes, some sponges and some other tools that have a pointy head!

Basic Process

  1. Set cotton or fabric to embroidery hop
  2. Gesso over the top with thick coats
  3. Mix Light Modeling paste with your choices of Magicals to create custom colored pastes
  4. Use different shapes and sizes of brushes to paint the surface
  5. Use sponges or other objects to create shapes
  6. Use silver or gold color Magicals to add shiny effect and final touches

WATCH my video on how to create this yourself here!

I do hope that you like this idea. I myself found it very relaxing and also soul-refreshing to create in this way
Thank you for supporting Lindy’s!

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