Simple Watercolor Cards using Lindy’s Magicals

Hi, I’m Aga Baraniak and this is my debut after a long break on Lindy’s blog.

I am both happy and excited that I am coming back to the wonderful Lindys Family as an educator. I live in Poland and I have been designing for a few years. Some time ago I established my own Brand which with the support of all the people who fell in love with my art and ideas made me develop. I am extremely delighted to share my ideas with you on Lindys blog.  I am a rebellious soul that always Goes against the wind as I believe the harder it is to get something the greater value it brings. I mainly create in a vintage style however I love to play with colors and paints whenever I find some free time.

I have prepared for you simple cards with embossing and magic powders. Check my tutorial and feel invited to join me on YouTube Lindys channel…

Basic Process

Watch these 2 beautiful cards being created in this special video I have prepared for you all.

Card #1 Tips

  • In this method is very important that you are sure that wet surface doesn’t dry too quickly cause then MAGICAL POWDERS will not mix well and delicate color transition will not be visible. The watercolor paper is also very important. It should be good quality and made of 100% cotton. Such papers are not very cheap but they are of excellent quality.

Card #2 Tips

  • In this method it is important that you use a soft brush to spread the colors. Natural brushes are not so good as they hold too much water which is a problem for beginners.

Here are a few close up photos so you can see all the amazing details…

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I hope that my tutorials will provide you with many interesting things that will grab your attention.
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