Winter Window ATC’s using Lindy’s Starbursts and Embossing Powders

Hi, friends!

Here Julia and I want to show how to make these pretty winter windows!

They can be used as New Year’s gifts, as cards or as Christmas tree decorations. You can make a garland from them or use them to wrap gifts.

Basic Process:

  1. First, I made the windows using cardboard and a cutting die, for a solid base.

  1. Then I cut windows and snowflakes from white paper.

  1. I painted them with sprays in blue and turquoise shades.

  1. Then I added Lindy’s embossing so that the windows and snowflakes sparkled and shimmered.

  1. Then I glued the cardboard blanks and spray-painted die cuts (with some plastic acetate between) and sewed them together on a sewing machine.

  1. Now, all that remains is to decorate the windows with snowflakes and decor.

Here’s what was made:

Lindy’s Products:

Thanks for attention!

Julia Chernoberezskaya


5 thoughts on “Winter Window ATC’s using Lindy’s Starbursts and Embossing Powders

  1. hey, wonderful the windows… how do you use the powder for sprakeling? greetings from Petra

  2. I love it!!!!!Exquisite! what die was used Also what was the brand of embossing powder‘s and paint sprays

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