Bright and Beautiful Tile Magnets using Lindy’s Magicals

Hello Lindy’s fans. Today I have something a little bit different.
You will need some glossy white ceramic tiles and your favorite Magicals or if you followed my last post, your Magical Color Cups – don’t worry if you missed that post, you can see it HERE. Today I am using Lederhosen Laurel, Guten Tag Teal and Urban Amethyst. You can use Sprays or Squirts for this technique too!!

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Begin with clean white ceramic gloss tiles and your Lindy’s (I’m using the color cups I created in my last post and some cheap white ceramic tiles, these are readily available at Bunnings if you are in Australia).84496826_536264837239959_2037915068024225792_n (1)

I have added some of the colors from my Magical Color Cups on top of glossy ceramic tiles using a brush…

84497584_2678570712259211_2406963856669671424_n (1)

…and then dry thoroughly – the color will be a lot less vibrant at this stage.84801429_176463540297726_522728503817273344_n (1)

To intensify the color, add small patches in layers and make sure to dry thoroughly between applications.84582423_599392344177316_6616636035633774592_n (1)

You can add as much color as you like, remember the key is to dry between layers.84531606_837271390050780_6231717145261113344_n (1)

Once you are happy with your color coverage, be careful not to touch the surface, as the tiles are not porous all that fabulous pigment is just sitting on the surface. This means if you really don’t like what you have created, you can just wash it off and start again, but if you are happy with your creation, you will need to seal it. I have used a  clear gloss spray to seal these tiles. (Make sure your spray sealer is gloss, this will really make the pigment pop, The spray is also readily available at Bunnings in Australia,  the brand I have used was ‘Squirts’, but a good gloss spray varnish should be fine, if you are unsure, speak to the people in the hardware store, they will be able to point you in the right direction, ask for a spray gloss varnish and it MUST be spray as we cant touch the surface of our tiles).
Another thing to note is that some clear sprays will lighten the color of your project, so be sure to test this before spraying your masterpiece.85006705_535641863713997_4827446230277685248_n (1)

Once your clear coat is dry, you can add other embellishments or mediums without worrying about your gorgeous background.  I have added a few white splashes and a butterfly sticker and then resprayed my gloss coating to protect the final layer. To turn your tile into a magnet, you can use some adhesive magnet sheet on the back of the tile or just glue a small magnet on the back.

83173430_122260322464224_6902989717235564544_n (1)

so much fun!!!84467587_773935616416755_6980380333510230016_n (1)


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Thanks for dropping by and have a magical day xo


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