Create your own Textile fish with Julia

Hello crafty friends!

Let’s make these adorable textile fish using some beautiful shades of blue from Lindy’s embossing powder and sprays!  These little cuties would make an amazing decoration for a crib or hanging from a mobile, bag charms, cat toys (add a little catnip inside), home decor pieces or something just for fun!

Basic Process

First, we will take the fabric, any ordinary white cotton fabric is suitable. I doubled the small pieces of fabric and cut out the silhouettes of the fish. It’s better to keep them simple.

The process of embossing on fabric is very similar to embossing on paper.  On each cut-out silhouette of the fish, we use stamps to apply ink for embossing and then sprinkle with powder. We shake off excess powder and pour back into a jar. Then set the embossing powder with a hairdryer or embossing gun.

We can spray our pieces with Lindy’s sprays to add color, but it is better to paint with a brush.

It turns out beautifully if you use different colors.

Dry the fabric.

Then sew the fabric and leave a small piece unstitched to turn our fish and fill it with filler. You can also sew in the upper fin right away.

We turn it inside out.

We stuff with a filler, for example, cotton wool or synthetic winterizer.

Sew the hole and sew the lower fins.

Eyes can be added with beads.

Our fish are ready!

They can be used as Christmas tree decoration, cat toys, as a decoration for the home and as photo props.

They can be made in different sizes and any color. As your fantasy tells you!

Lindy’s Products

Good luck! Inspiration and enjoyable creativity!

Yours Julia Chernoberezskaya


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