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Hi crafty people!

It’s Nuneka here with a beautiful and easy project for you. I was thinking that sometimes we just want to do something small and simple, something to have a good time playing with our favorite colors and minimum supplies. And yeah! That’s what I’m going to do on my live stream on Lindy’s Gang channel today.

I was looking for a beautiful blue on my color chart when I realized I haven’t tried the new Alexandra’s Artist Magical set yet!!! So I ran to make some samples and I fell in love with the most gorgeous blue I’ve ever seen: Jana’s Jade. I can tell you how much I like it! And that color is what inspired the whole project because it’s really special. How can a color be soft and dark and so amazingly sparkly at a time? It reminded me of those beautiful butterflies Blue Morpho.

I just covered a strip of paper with clear gesso and added texture paste through a stencil. I really wanted to keep it simple in the composition, so I only used a piece of chipboard, a small metal frame and some art stones. I glued everything creating some kind of incomplete from the bottom to the top, and I covered with clear gesso so the Magicals would cover everything equally.

I started coloring that central line and the frame area with Magical Jana’s Jade and added shadows with Gang me with a Spoon Gray and Midnight Rendezvous. I really think these three colors match perfectly, and I respected the white space around so the focal point (the butterfly) and the blue shades would attract the eye.

I glued the strip of paper to a bigger and darker one, creating a frame that matched in color with the Magicals. I placed some brads in the corner, a number and sentiment, and finally, glue some glitter. Pretty easy right?

In case you missed the Live Stream connection, don’t worry! It’s already on the Lindy’s channel as a regular video:


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  • clear gesso, stencil, texture paste, chipboard, glue, gel medium, art stones, metal frame, brads, glitter, metallic wax





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