Vintage Botanical Tag making session with Kerry

Hello beautiful creative people. Today I am sharing a little process video of some ‘vintage botanical’ themed tags I have created. I love creating projects like this, where there is no real reason for creating so its just playtime! Today’s project uses standard things most people will have around the house and some fabulous Lindy’s sprays. I am using some Moon Shadow Mists (amazing vintage toned sprays) and a Flat Fabio spray (loads of color with no shimmer), but you can use ANY of the Lindy’s sprays or Magicals for this project. You can find the video link at the bottom of this post.

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I love using regular copy paper for my backgrounds, it’s inexpensive and I always have some in the house, to make it sturdy after coloring, I just mount it on any type of cardstock or cardboard I have, from packaging to old folders.

Basic Steps

  • Spray water onto regular printer paper and add your chosen sprays
  • Add a second piece of printer paper spritzed with water on top of the first paper and press the papers together to transfer the color
  • Pull the papers apart and dry off to complete the background
  • Cut the backgrounds to size and mount onto sturdy card
  • Add embellishments to the tag/card as desired
  • Finish with some stamping

88420553_222436209149976_1875824917828599808_n (2)

If you don’t have a lot of time to create, you could just prepare a bunch of backgrounds using the copy paper and sprays and have them ready for when you do have time to sit and create a whole project.

89180874_525684531661756_7475244244857257984_n (1)

With the gorgeous colored backgrounds, you can achieve with the fabulous Lindy’s sprays you can add just a simple embellishment to have a completed tag or card in just a few minutes. I love the variation and the watermarks you get when drying the papers.

88240536_3004214596269582_7346096652735741952_n (1)

Here is the process video, I hope you enjoy!

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Other Products

  • Whichcraft chipboard and Digitals, stamps, washi tape, ink, copy paper, old file folder, scrap paper, fabric, cheesecloth, gluestick

Thanks for dropping by and have a Magical Day xo

Lindys Educator badge 2020 Kerry



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