Last Minute DIY Easter Decoration

Hello and welcome to today’s blogpost on the Lindy’s Gang blog. Martina here with a really fun and easy last-minute inspiration for some beautiful DIY Home Decorations.

Sometimes we all just need a bit more color in our lives, don’t we?

When I found these egg-shaped ornaments, I couldn’t help myself but think of a bright little rainbow.
(I am absolutely sure that you could use any other (round) shaped ornaments for this technique! I just grabbed the eggs because Easter is coming up over here in Switzerland).

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The very first step was the hardest, I think. I had to choose a Magical Shaker rainbow. I decided to go with: Alpine Ice Rose, Oom Pah Pah Pink, Yodeling Yellow, Lederhosen Laurel, Guten Tag Teal, Afternoon Delight Denim and Polka Purple.


Then I started to cover all the ornament with white gesso. Since I was looking for a more textured look, I used a brush with harder bristles and dabbed the gesso on.


When the Gesso was completely dry, I stamped a butterfly on each ornament.
To get a (fairly) good impression of the stamp, I have placed my stamp onto the working surface, inked it and carefully then rolled the ornament over it.

(I have been using Archival Ink for the stamping because this gives crisp impressions, dries really quickly and it’s waterproof.)


After all the preparations have been finished, I colored my ornaments.
I simply dabbed some of the Magical Shaker Powder onto my working surface, watered it down and dabbed it onto my ornament. Like this, I was able to add more or less color and water until I liked the result.


To give them a little extra “bling”, I have splattered some gold onto the dry ornaments.


To finish them off, I have glued some butterflies onto my ornaments.
Some of the butterflies are colored papers, some of them are showing off our brand new and really exciting Chunky Embossing Powders.


And here it is – The bright and finished rainbow of ornaments!

I hope you enjoyed this process and feel inspired to create your own ornaments too!


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  • White Gesso (Marabu), Butterfly Stamps (Maremis Small Art), Archival Ink (Ranger), Gold (Coliro), Butterfly Dies (Alexandra Renke)

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Have a great day!

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