Vintage Wall Decor Tutorial by Maria Lillepruun

Hello, dear friends!

This is Maria Lillepruun with you today, and I am here to present my new project for Lindy´s Gang! I am sorry to say that I had a total technical collapse this month… My car, my video camera and some other smaller gadgets were seriously damaged. So this time I could not film a video tutorial for you, and I made it photo tutorial. But I am getting a new video camera soon! (Right after I repair the car…)

So here we go. I made a pretty big wall decoration, using many Lindy´s Gang shakers, sprays and a new chunky EP!


I started by priming the round wooden base. I covered it with two layers of white heavy gesso.

Then I created the background decor. First, I took a stencil and applied some modeling paste through onto the primed base. When this texture was dry, I assembled some grounded large chipboard details (both cardboard and MDF) together on the base. I used some strong contact glue to attach them all.

After that, I went on creating the main volume on my project. I dipped some cotton fabric stripes into the Powertex textile hardener, and formed the desired waves on my surface. The I let it dry overnight. The next morning the fabric formed hard waves and stuck to the base very well. Basically, you can use PVA or gypsum solution instead of Powertex for this step. It will do the job, but the result might be slightly different. Now we can start coloring!

I decided to start by sprinkling different shakers onto the surface: Antique Bronze, Oktoberfest Orange, Cowabunga Copper, Aged Copper and Alpine Ice Rose.

Here is the picture after adding quite a lot of water to the powders. The shakers created rather uneven color transitions. The unsolved particles will be visible under the future color layers, and will add the desired robust effect to the final look of my wall decor.

The next step is coloring with Lindy´s Gang sprays. I picked a beautiful pair of Kissin’ Kenickie Coral Flat Spray and Burnt Umber Vintage Spray. Both shades are not too bright, and worked very well on smoothening the colors effect left by the shakers. Still, these paint types do not substitute, but complete each other in this project.

After the surface was dry, I assembled other decorations on the base. I added some more chipboard, textile and paper flowers, as well as some metallic embellishments. I glued on everything except for the front chipboard with skulls.

The focal point of the wall decor is the chipboard embossed with our magnificent chunky EP Tin Roof, Rusted!

I also partially applied this powder to all the other chipboard elements on my project. It is super easy to do using some sticky transparent gel medium as a consolidant.

After that, I sprayed some brighter paints over the flower composition in order to emphasize the deapth and volume. My choice was the Starburst sprays Autumn Maple Crimson Shimmer Spray, Midnight Rendezvous Raven Shimmer Spray

I always use tiny toppings in the end of my creative process, so here I went again by adding some art pebbles, beads, crystal particles and large manicure glitter onto some details. Soft gloss gel served well as a consolidant again.

In the very end, I decided to add some tiny accents with some spots of alcohol ink.

Some close-ups of the ready piece

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  • Heavy Gesso White, Modeling Paste, Soft Gloss Gel, stencil, flowers, metallic embellishments, art pebbles (Prima Marketing Inc), chipboard (Fabrika Decoru, ScrapBox), Powertex Universal Medium, Beacon glue, alcohol inks (Ranger), beads, crystal topping, glitter.

Thank you very much for your attention!

All the best,


Maria Lillepruun

Mixed media artist, crafter, scrapbooker & educator based in Estonia. Web: YouTube: Maria Lillepruun Instagram: @magic_attic_maria Facebook: Magic Attic Design

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