Quick cards with Lindy’s Squirts

Hi dear Lindy’s fans! Let’s make some super pretty and really quick cards using Lindy’s Squirts.  Not everyone has a whole rainbow of colors to choose from so today I will restrict the number of colors I am using to show you what can be done with limited choices.

For this we need Squirts. Let’s take two colors:

And take some white paper that is thick enough.

Using scotch tape to make a bounding rectangle and paint a part with Squirt using a brush.

We can also make the strips in the middle with these two colors and a brush.

Similarly, tint the die-cut leaves and flowers with a brush.

Now glue some cuttings to the base and add a word of thanks (Спасибо = Thank you).

Another option with die-cut shapes and pencil-drawn fruits.

On the back of the postcard is an embellishment painted with two Squirts shades.

The third postcard is made in the same way as the previous ones.

And one more:

Thanks to the beautiful colors of Squirts we have created four postcards very quickly.

Just white paper + Squirts

Lindy’s Products

Have a nice day!



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