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Hi gang! How you doing?
I realized I needed to relax a bit and put my mind to work by doing something so I can stop thinking… and what did I do – an Art Journal with Lindy’s of course.

So grab some of your favorite Lindy’s colors, they can be whatever you want Magicals, Sprays, Squirts… and let’s create something together.  Picking my favorites is not easy because I have so many… but at least I’m sure blues and purples are the colors that make me feel better and more relaxed, so those are the ones I’m going to use.
This is going to be a Live Class on Lindy’s YouTube channel, but if you miss the live stream connection you can always find the class because it remains recorded on the channel.

I was sure I wanted to use some 3D elements, so I covered a piece of watercolor paper with clear gesso and added texture paste through a stencil. Then I started playing with my new love Magical Jana’s Jade Blue which comes in Alexandra’s Artists Set, and I added a tiny bit of Lara’s Wild Malve. I sprayed water and didn’t let the colors blend too much because I really wanted the little rainbows to be visible.

Once dry, I cut some circles using 1″ and 1 1/2″ punches and added some shadow just on one side with Starburst Spray Midnight Rendezvous, then I dried again and inked the edges with a black ink pad. I put the circles aside while I worked in the background of my page. For that, I applied clear gesso on the watercolor paper, I used a stencil with big letters and black waterproof ink with a blending tool to add some background interest to my white page. Then I applied crackle paste with my craft knife in the top part of the page, and same paste through a stencil in the bottom, I dried with the heat tool for the crackles to appear.

Then I decided to color my page with Lindy’s Squirts just putting a little bit on my palette to paint with a paintbrush. It’s really important to shake them very well so the mica shimmer doesn’t stay in the bottle! I used Banff Blue, Loonie Toonie and Polite People Purple, and of course, a touch of Magical Jana’s Jade to make in much with the circles. I tried to keep the center of the page clear, without color.

I glued the circles here and there and a paper doll I just printed and fussy cut, then I used the black ink pad and a paintbrush to add some shadows. I stamped some script around and made some splatters with Midnight Rendezvous spray and with white gouache. And the page was done!

If you missed the live class, you can always watch it here:

Lindy’s products

Other products: clear gesso, black waterproof ink, crackle paste, white gouache, tacky glue



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My name is Nuneka, I'm from Spain and I'm one of the Lindy's Educators.

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