DIY Coffee Filter Roses on a Canvas

Hello and welcome, dear Lindy’s Fans! Martina here with a fun step by step DIY project.

Have you ever tried to create roses with coffee filters?


I recently found this idea while searching for something totally different and can’t stop making them!

To start, you need some beautiful Lindy’s Sprays (I have been using Bonjour Butter, Orange Creamsicle, Alpine Ice Rose, Wild Honeysuckle Coral), good old white coffee filters and a suitable working surface (I am working on my craft mat).


Now – let the fun begin!

I display the coffee filters on my craft mat and start coloring them by simply spraying the color onto the filter.  I am using the lightest color first.


..and slowly get darker with the colors I add.

When I liked the coverage, I flipped the filters and made sure that both sides are covered with an equal amount of color.


During the drying time of the coffee filters, I prepped my canvas for the project I’d like to create with the roses. I have applied some texture paste through a stencil and let that dry too.


Now it’s time to turn the coffee filters into these beautiful roses…

Hold the bottom of the filter with your non-dominant hand and flap the upper part down as shown:


now keep holding the bottom part as before, pick a piece from the flapped part and start to twist it around as it shows in the picture:


If you do that on several points (and tuck the overlapping pieces to the bottom), you should end up with such a beauty:


Since I knew that I’d like to be these roses my focal points, I made a big bunch of them and arranged them on my (dried) canvas.


To get my background started, I glued down some Chipboards and Art Stones, covered everything with Gesso and then added some color to it.


I have played with Hockey Puck Black, Poutine Gold, Canadian Bacon Blush and until I liked the coverage and colors.


Using Gel Medium, I have glued the roses to the background, added some Glitter and some Word Stickers to finish the canvas.


I totally love how these little roses turned out and really love the canvas!


I hope you like it too!



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Thank you so much for watching!

Have a wonderful Day!

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4 thoughts on “DIY Coffee Filter Roses on a Canvas

  1. Thank you so much! They are so much fun to make! I hold the centre between my fingers and twist it – like twisting from the inside.. if this makes any sense? I am sure if you google this, you’ll find a videotutorial!

  2. Your roses are stunning. I have tried to make them but they dont look like yours. Do you squeeze the centre and twist the centre or do you twist the flap? Is there a video tutorial?

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