Spring Girl Paper doll with Julia C

Hi dear Lindy’s fans! Today for something quite different I decided to make a paper doll and color it using Lindy’s sprays and embossing powders. After thinking about what to make for a while, I decided to let it be a spring girl in a light dress with flowers and wings.

Basic Process

First, I made a blank of a human figure and dyed the paper at once with three shades of color.

Then I glued several layers of cardboard and attached my arms and legs with the help of the braces, so as to maintain mobility at the joints.

Now we will prepare fabric for clothes, paper flowers and sisal for hair.

I tinted flowers and fabric with color

This is one of my favorite sprays because it gives a noble blue-gray deep tone.

I did not completely dye the fabric, but so that there was a smooth transition from white to dark.

I also dyed the fabric for the wings and made it tougher with glue (“Turbo tacky glue”). And then I used a cutting knife.

I also wanted to make some decorative geometric shapes.

I painted the blanks with a spray.

And then I added embossing powder Cosmic Blue Violet to help me decorate the surface of the paper with “ice” spots.

Begin to assemble all the elements of your doll.


Then I added shadows from her hair and drew her face.

This is a geometric decoration when glued together.

Lindy’s Products

I hope you enjoyed my spring experiments!

Have a nice day!

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