Create Custom Acrylic Paint Colors for a Mixed Media Canvas with Pascale B.

HAppy Together by Pascale B.

Hello Sweeties

Today I’m up on Lindy’s Gang blog with a new project: a mixed media canvas. I will show you how you can make your own custom acrylic paint colors using Lindys Magicals.

HAppy Together by Pascale B.

Make your own acrylic paint

You will need Lindy’s Magicals to add color and Liquid Fluid Medium as a base (because this is translucent you will still see little sparkles if you have used Lindy’s Magicals with shimmer and the color will be permanent after drying).  Add a little fluid medium to a palette or nonstick surface and sprinkle a little Magical powder onto the medium.  Mix thoroughly until you have one even color.  Do this for each color you would like to create and use as acrylic paint.  You can even mix colors together to create your own unique blends!

Now that that’s done let’s get started on our project!

I added a design with a stencil and modeling paste. I mixed together some Sandra Dee Sepia with Liquid Fluid Medium, the color I obtain will be permanent after drying and translucent. I did the same with Hag’s Wart Orange and Autumn Maple Crimson. I used these paints to color the background.

HAppy Together by Pascale B.

Next, I started to build my composition with natural branches, metallic flowers and leaves, and resin flowers. I primed these elements with clear gesso. I added some pebbles as well.

HAppy Together by Pascale B.

I colored the frame and the different elements with the same colors. Next, I highlighted the details with White Gold wax.

HAppy Together by Pascale B.

I partially embossed the pebbles with That’s Marble-ous chunky embossing powder and the background with Gilded Burgundy Brass.

HAppy Together by Pascale B.
I finished the canvas with sequins and glitters.

HAppy Together by Pascale B.
And here is the step-by-step video:

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