Half and Half – The Bold and the Mute-iful Technique with Kerry

Hello!! Its Kerry here today.

Today’s project is kinda a 3 in one, you can use the technique for a super bright and bold background, or mute that background down to get some pretty pastel tones, or both! I will be using my Lindy’s Sprays today, but as usual, you can use your magicals or squirts for this if you prefer!

Lets begin….95016233_677160596433203_7789422738942197760_n (1)

I have selected my sprays, today I am using Freaky Frankenlime, Sandra Dee Sepia, Crows Nest Copper and Hydrangea Blue, and a piece of regular white cardstock.

95308652_871272600052091_3521819302355271680_n (1)

I have spritzed the card quite heavily with water and then added my blue and green, allowed them to mingle a little on the card and then dried the card off a bit.

94883354_587548545189459_8890508390627803136_n (1)

After the card was mostly dry, I have added some big droplets of water and allowed them to sit for a few seconds, this will reactivate the color and then I removed the droplets with a paper towel and dried the card thoroughly. I just love this textured background look.

95499769_294793858209499_4389721000468545536_n (1)

Next, I have taken a piece of vellum, (not all vellum is created equally so you might want to try this on a small scrap before you use a full piece). I have stamped some script in permanent ink and added some splashes of the Sandra Dee Sepia and Crows Nest Copper and dried them thoroughly.

95845975_2787035528061244_1687474577376018432_n (1)

Then its time to assemble the card. Simply layer the vellum over your background, I have chosen to sew my pieces together. I have added and black ‘Whichcraft’ chipboard botanical silhouette to the card to finish off.

95070417_832913627201171_630784688369172480_n (1)

Its a really simple combination…

95878348_231307067965090_5514988228563697664_n (1)

The copper splashes on the vellum really catch the light.

95606491_713028799431900_8169690815388450816_n (1)

The water splashes add a lot of interest to the background too.

95479082_165686571465349_8973140546335801344_n (2)

and the vellum mutes that super bright background if you would like a more ‘toned down’ look.

95537357_347043069606875_6203401890462433280_n (1)

These would make great cards, ATC’s or even bookmarks.

95566601_1859887757479314_7065232334475231232_n (1)

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Thanks for dropping by and have a magical day xo

PS.. for those who haven’t seen it The Bold and the Beautiful is a day time soap opera on TV in Australia and America, it’s where I got the idea for the name of this technique from 🙂

Lindys Educator badge 2020 Kerry

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