Altered Notebook using Lindy’s Magicals

Hi dear crafty friends! Julia Chernoberezskaya is here. With the help of some truly magic powders (yes also known as Lindy’s Magicals), I will show you how you can make beautiful and colorful pages and a cover for this notebook.


To start, I chose the right palette:

Now the real magic begins. I sprinkle some powder on white pages.

Then I take a spray with water and a miracle happens! The paper is covered with bright colorful spots!

Then I dry the sheets of paper and iron them with an iron. They become flat and ready to use from this.

I have created a little video for you to make it easier to understand the process


Now it remains for me to decorate the backgrounds with the help of stencils and stamps.

I am embossing with white powder.

I got a few pages that I want to make part of notepad.

And now the notepad is ready.


Lindy’s products

Have a wonderful day!

Thank you for your attention!

Yours, Julia)

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