Lindy’s You Tube Live Stream – It’s all about Color with Cindy

Hi Gang, it’s Cindy here! If you’ve subscribed to our YouTube channel you probably know this already know but I’m doing a stream right now telling you all about color. So grab yourself a cup of tea, find yourself a nice spot where you can sit and relax and join me for this colorful live on the Lindy’s Gang Channel.

Ever wondered if you could make it easier to pick out the colors for your projects? Or have you wondered how other artists tend to easily combine colors, and you feel like you need to battle through all sorts of combinations before you find the right one? In this live stream I’m going to show you some tips on working with colors and I will tell you a bit more about the color wheel and how to use it.


  1. The Colorwheel; what is it and how can it help you?
  2. Mud…a crafters nightmare
  3. Combining colors, do’s and don’ts
  4. Tips, tricks and cheats

Please join me and watch the stream down below or visit the Lindy’s Gang YouTube channel, where you will not only find this stream but also tons of other super awesome video’s featuring Lindy’s Gang products.

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