Altered Notepads with Kerry

Hello Lindy’s fans. Today I have a fun project to share altering some notepads. These make great gifts, and can be a nice item to add to your craft stall or market. Today I am using my Lindy’s Sprays.

Let’s begin…

97347833_3530305660319205_649286801889951744_n (1)

To start, I have taken some heavy-weight cardstock that is a little larger that the notepad I want to cover. I have sprayed a little water on the card and a little spray of I’m late, I’m Late Slate and Gag me with a spoon Gray and just a few tiny splashes of Tweedle Dee Denim spray, add a little more water then dry off.

97741814_868016300370976_2337361218693496832_n (1)

Next, I have added some modeling paste through a Whichcraft stencil.

98003215_686687532080271_5498570114779316224_n (1)

I decided to change the colors on one of the covers so I added some water and Tiffanylou Blue and Buccaneer Bay Blue sprays to one of the covers and dried off again.

96581896_645135036342946_6690900787595313152_n (1)

To give a bit more of an aged look I have dry brushed some white gesso over the top.

98172961_283873476108572_7005526894581907456_n (1)

Time to add the cover to the notepad. Remember to look at your piece and line up which part you want to be most visible on the front of your notepad. I have adhered mine to the original cover with glue.98034793_238522770899545_6015350243510452224_n (1)

To finish off each notepad I have added some torn paper scraps, a little bit of script stamping, a botanical sticker and a ‘notes’ label

97245649_3055804767792104_2386723307891195904_n (1)

Tie some ribbon or twine around the notepad and its ready to be gifted.

96816430_401203114194879_3987967594937188352_n (1)

So much fun, I could literally make these all day!!

97779612_588336725124264_6271252705767849984_n (1)

Lindys Products: I’m late, I’m Late Slate , Gag me with a spoon Gray , Tweedle Dee Denim spray, Tiffanylou Blue and Buccaneer Bay Blue

Other Products: Whichcraft stencil, ink, stamps, gesso, sticker, torn paper scraps, notepad, twine, ribbon, label.

Thanks for dropping by and have a Magical Day xo

Lindys Educator badge 2020 Kerry

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  1. very nice indeed… love the colors (teal & turquoise are always my favorites, of course). Thank you for sharing and please stay safe.

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