DIY Sea Theme Home Decoration with Yulia C.

Hi Lindy’s fans, it’s Yulia C here with you on the blog today and I’m very excited to show you my beautiful DIY small home interior decoration colored using Lindy’s sprays.  It will be a wall pendant consisting of three small panels. I decided to get by with a minimum of decorations so that it would not look too varied on the wall. Therefore, the main ones will be squares.

I added loads of texture to my panels and painted with Lindy’s sprays. I liked the result. The discreet neutral palette looks good on any background.

Let’s get started!

We will need square pieces of cardboard and texture paste.

Apply the paste with uneven strokes.

Then take a piece of coarse canvas and use it to add texture and make prints in the paste (the paste should be still wet).

We get a highly textured relief surface.

Dry your backgrounds and prepare your sprays. I chose a gray-blue palette.

I chose this grey-blue color scheme, because I love these shades and because it will be a marine theme and I want to portray sea haze. These colors look harmonious and neutral in any home interior.

Make spots of three different colors. Whale Watch Blue, Gag Me With A Spoon Gray and Steel shimmer Glitz spritz.

Leave the darkest color, Black Orchid Silver Shimmer Spray, for a stroke along the edge.  I sprayed into the lid and used a brush to darken the edges of each panel.

To smooth out the color transitions, I lightened the colors with a white spray, Sidewalk Chalk Flat Spray.

I stamped images on paper and cut out the prints, that I pasted these onto the painted cardboard.

Tie the panels onto a wooden stick to display them and you’re done!

The relief texture is clearly visible in bright sunlight.

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Thanks for your attention!

Have a good day!

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