Mixed Media Canvas “Eyes” from Yulianna

Hello Gang! Yulianna Efremova here and I’m so excited to be here and show you another great project as a Lindy’s Master Educator.

For this month’s project, I’m going to show you how to make this Mixed Media Canvas “Eyes”.  I’ve colored this project with Lindy’s, Starbursts: Bachelor Button Blue, Azure Sea Asters, Tainted Love Teal, Frozen Jack Frost and Flat Spray: Blazing Black, Squirts: Loonie Toonie Teal to add color to my page. You could create a similar piece with your favorite colors or theme.

I wanted to make it easy for you to make something like this yourself, so I’ve filmed a video so you can see just what to do to make a beautifully textured canvas like this one.

Basic Process

  1. Cut strips of fabric and use thread to make ruffles
  2. Glue fabric and scraps onto the canvas with liquid glue
  3. Add texture paste
  4. Cover fabric with white gesso
  5. Spray with Lindy’s Starbursts and Flats to add color
  6. Add shadows with darker spray colors
  7. Add highlights with white paint to enhance the texture
  8. Add eyelash extensions to the eyes for a bit of fun!
  9. Add beads as a final touch and you are done!

Lindy’s Products

Other Products

  • Ribbons, photo eyes, texture paste, white primer, eyelashes, beads.

I hope you have enjoyed this creative Mixed Media Canvas “Eyes”.

One thought on “Mixed Media Canvas “Eyes” from Yulianna”

  1. This is an amazing piece ! I love how creative you are . thank you for the inspiration !

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