Watercolor Gradient Spray Background for a beautiful Greeting card

Hello everyone today, Oleksandr Azarov on the Lindy’s blog today, and I will show you how to create a beautiful watercolor gradient background using Lindy’s sprays.

To create the background, we need watercolor paper, series, a wide brush, water and scotch tape.

A piece of watercolor paper needs to be fixed onto a cutting mat or table (for this I use washi paper tape) and moisten well with clean water (you can use either a sprayer or a wide brush to add the water to the paper).

When the paper is well wet and soaked in water, apply sprays alternately. I rub the borders of the colors with a wide brush in order to make the color transition soft.

Sprays must be applied quickly so that the base does not dry. We can always easily remove excess spray or water using a dry paper towel.

By this principle, I added four sprays

Next, dry well with a hairdryer. If the base is deformed from water, after drying it can be put briefly under a press (or some heavy books).

Next, I stamped the image, on top of it I applied two powders GIMME FIVE GOLDCOOL MAN COPPER  for embossing in random order and baked with a heat gun.

In the next step, using a thin brush and spray Creme Brulee Cream. I highlighted some elements of the image. To finish the card, add appropriate tetx or words and our card is ready.

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  •  Transparent ink, stamps.

Thank you and see you soon!

Oleksandr Azarov

My name is Oleksandr. I live in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine. I love scrapbooking and experiments)

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