DIY Festive Garland Colored using Lindy’s with Yulia C

Hi, my dear friends! Julia Chernoberezhskaya is here today. I decided to decorate my house with a garland of DIY houses decorated using products from Lindy’s. I will be happy to show how this can be done.

I made a bunch of plain white paper cut-outs with a density of 200 mg / m. I prepared sprays and powders in pink and greenish tones.

The first thing I do is spray paint the white blanks. Be sure to paint on both sides!  I paint unevenly with spots of different colors.

The paper is dry. Now I will decorate it with embossing powder.

I apply glue for embossing with a brush. Then I sprinkled the glue with powder. I make uneven spots appear.

Then I glue the cuttings together to make the houses and now I have 12 houses ready.

I tie them to a string and decorate them with paper flowers and leaves.

Lindy’s Products


Embossing powder:

Thanks for your attention!  Hope you enjoyed this idea 🙂

Wishing you a sea of inspiration!

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