How to Create Vintage Labels with Moon Shadows and Chunky EP by Olga Ravenskaya

Hi dear friends!

It’s Olga Ravenskaya here with my new project and video step-by-step.

I’ll show you today how easy and quickly to create vintage labels using Moon Shadow Mists and Chunky Embossing Powders.

Those cute little things can be a good addition to your projects, also can be used for gift rappings or something like that or can be used as a stuff for your beautiful flatlays.

Here is the list of materials needed:

  • Several Lindy’s Moon Shadows and matching them Starbursts of Flat Fabios  – I’ve picked 5 different pairs.
  • Chunky Powders
  • Labels stamps
  • Pieces of natural fabric – I’ve used linen
  • Heat gun
  • Fan brush
  • Waterbased white glue

Basic Process

  1. Cover the piece of linen fabric with waterbased white glue using a wide brush.
  2. Completely dry it and then stamp with different labels patterns using water-resistant black ink.
  3. Cut the patterned fabric into separate pieces. One piece – one stamped label.
  4. Make a colorful puddle of Lindys sprays on the table, spraying color by color and letting them mix naturally – use one Moon Shadow Mist and matching it Starburst or Flat Fabio.
  5. Dip the piece of fabric into the puddle.
  6. Add splashes if needed.
  7. Let your fabric pieces dry completely and glue on the cardboard using any medium.
  8. Cut out the labels.
  9. Splash a small amount of water (yes, just water!) on each label using a fun brush and sprinkle chunky powders over splashes. I’ve used one or two chunky powders for each label.
  10. Heat them and you’ll get an amazing vintage texture effect!

Here is my process video – hoping you’ll enjoy it!

And have a closer look at each one.

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Mixed media artist and educator from the beautiful city Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Totally addicted to the colorful world of Lindy's. YouTube: Olga Ravenskaya/Instagram: @olga.ravenskaya

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  1. Thank you. Loved this tutorial. Love the vintage labels and the chunky EP is amazing.

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