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Hi crafty people! It’s Nuneka here and in case you missed the livestream on our Facebook Group Lindy’s Creative Gang showcasing the latest Lindy’s products, today I’m doing a little summary and of course a video for you to have a better idea of what’s new at Lindy’s!

First let me tell you we have a new a gorgeous Magical Flat Set, designed by Lindy’s Educator and AB Studio owner Aga Baraniak. This set called Mountain Meadows is really special, not only because it has Aga’s personality but also because the colours are sooooo gorgeous and rich that you’ll believe you are using watercolours. Seriously! These 5 beauties are highly pigmented and super intense.

Like most of the Lindy’s Magicals, they have one dominant colour and tiny particles of other colours which create a magical effect when you sprinkle them on your project, as they react individually when spraying water. And if you are looking for bold powerful colours, all you have to do is mixing them with water on a palette or on a non-stick mat and there you go!

The second novelty Lindy’s has this summer are the new Glitzy Magicals. And what’s that? You may know most of Lindy’s Magicals and sprays are shimmery, they’re a mix of pigment, binder and mica powders or shimmers. Glitzys are some of those shimmery ingredients, ready for you to use as your like.

The possibilities are endless!! Literally, you can now multiply your Magicals by 6 because there are 6 different Glitzy colours. You’ll find an individual jar (Gleaming Gold) and a set of five (Glitzy Magicals Set). You can mix them with all your Magicals, flat or shimmer, creating new colours and shades; or you can sprinkle them on top of your project while it’s still wet and they will create a glorious shimmery layer.

Do you want to see how amazing they are? Then don’t miss the video:

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