DIY Mini Round Album with Yulia C

Hi, my dear friends! This is Julia here with a project that you need sprays for.

I wanted to make an album with round pages. It will be possible to paste small photographs into it. There are many pages, some of them are embossed and even transparent.

Let’s see how you can make an album like this.

Basic Process

First,  apply texture paste through a stencil.

I took wax and applied it to the protruding parts of the relief to make the colors more interesting.

I chose a color palette to paint the blanks, I started with Lindy’s spray Navy blue (Screamin’ Banshee Black Shimmer Spray).

Raspberry (Raspberry Lemonade Flat Spray)

Beige and cream (Cafe au Lait Flat Spray)

My assistants

I applied white wax along the edge оn a few circles of white paper without a pattern.

The paper will now be unevenly sprayed on, the edges will resist the spray where the paste was applied.

The circles are ready. It remains to decorate each spread with embellishments and assemble it into an album.

Here’s an album I created…

You can take a closer look at some of my favorite spreads.

Lindy’s products

Other products:

  • Texture paste, wax

Thank you so much for reading my post and have a lovely day!


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