Mixed Media Wooden Plate Tutorial with Svetlana

Hi beautiful Lindy’s friends!

Svetlana here on the Lindy’s blog today to show you the process of creating a wooden mixed-media plate. Lately, we visited our parents in their country house. I saw a birch stump and asked my husband to cut a round piece of it, I then had a beautiful wooden slice to create on. He attached a chain with furniture nails to the backside. So I decided to make a key hanger with a rustic mood for our house.

Basic Process

  • Cover the plate with transparent gesso
  • Cover the center of it with white gesso
  • Take your favorite text stamp and stamp all the background with embossing ink
  • Sprinkle Chrome Doesn’t Pay Chunky EP all over it and heat.
  • Mix white texture paste with Dark chocolate from Sweet Treats Shimmer Magical and apply through the flower stencil
  • After drying mix a little of Stormy Sky from Mountain Meadows with some water
  • Apply it over the bottom side of the plate
  • To intensify the color add some more Stormy Sky
  • Sprinkle Blazing Sun from Glitz Spritz SET to the upper part of the plate

  • Cover paper leaves with Chalk It Up Chunky EP, Lapis Lazuli Blue Gold EP
  • Collect all the elements together, add some flowers, glitter and beads.
  • Add some color to clay elements and flowers with Glitzy Gold and Snazzy Sparkle from Glitzy Magicals
  • Add some stamping with black archival ink here and there
  • Sprinkle with some white acrylic paint all over the plate

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I hope you like my project and the tutorial. Thank you very much for reading. I’m really looking forward to your feedback!

Svetlana Sanochkina

Hi! I'm Svetlana Sanochkina from Russia. My style is mixing different elements with paints. I love experimenting with color combinations. I have been crafting since 2016.

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