DIY Tote Bag with Maria Lillepruun

Hi, beautiful Lindy’s Gang friends!

Do you use tote bags? I have to admit, I use them pretty often, and I especially like the ones with custom prints or other decorations. So here is my new tutorial on a DIY tote bag. I bought a simple white cotton bag and personalized it with the beautiful Lindy´s Gang products.

Here is how I altered the tote bag.


  1. I took a cotton tote bag and inserted a baking mat inside of it, so the backside of the bag would stay dry and clean after I color the front side.
  2. Then, I prepared my custom texture paste by mixing the 3D gloss gel with the Scintillating Silver magical powder from the Glitzy Magicals set. My intention was to obtain some elastic transparent paste that would be somewhat sparkling after it would dry. Speaking ahead, I was very pleased with the result – check the end of my video for the close-up on the glossy texture on the tote bag surface!
  3. I applied the custom made texture paste through the stencil on to the bag front side, and let it dry.
  4. After, I sprayed the surface over in a monochromatic way, using five ink sprays: Creme Brulee Cream, Mad Hatter Mint, Tilt-a-Wheel Teal, T-bird Turquoise and Merry-Go-Round Green, and let it dry completely.
  5. Later, glued down all the embellishments with contact glue, and stitched them onto the bag.
  6. As a final touch, I added some color with the same sprays on the fabric flowers and squeezed some green liquid drops here and there.
  7. When all was dry, I sprayed the decorated front side of the bag with satin acrylic varnish.

Lindy’s Products

Other Products:

  • Tote bag, stencil, 3D Gloss Gel, flowers and metal embellishments (Prima Marketing Inc), plastic beads, emerald liquid drops (Fabrika Decoru), satin spray varnish (Lefranc&Bourgeois).

Thank you very much for your attention!

All the best,




Maria Lillepruun

Mixed media artist, crafter, scrapbooker & educator based in Estonia. Web: YouTube: Maria Lillepruun Instagram: @magic_attic_maria Facebook: Magic Attic Design

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