Mixed Media Altered Mermaid Tail by Aleksandra

Hello dear Lindy’s friends,

It’s Aleksandra again with you here on Lindy’s blog after some time. I hope you are all doing well. I’ve had a bit of struggle and challenges in my family life recently and the times we are in, aren’t helping either, so I’ve been a little absent. After a few months, I recently created a few art pieces again and the one I’m sharing here with you today is one of them.

When I saw this quote a while ago, it resonated with me so much. I feel like in recent times there are so many “sharks” out there and sometimes swimming with them is not the easiest thing to do, right? But we have to guard our hearts. There is nothing more beautiful and rewarding than when in the life full of sharks you suddenly meet a mermaid.

So I altered this MDF wooden mermaid tail from Woodouts. I used some dried eggshells for creating texture and some Finnabair mixed media supplies and of course, I colored it with beautiful Lindy’s Magicals.


  • First I covered my mermaid tail MDF base with a coat of white gesso.
  • Then I added some Finnabair paper texture paste. I decided to use this particular one because it is soft enough to press my eggshells inside and it dries quickly and gives this beautiful airy look when dry.
  • Next, I took some dried eggshells that I had prepared for some time now and pressed them gently into the texture paste. I pressed them all the way down to the base because I wanted them to crackle a bit more.
  • I dried everything with my heat gun tool and then I covered it with two coats of white gesso on top and dried it again.
  • I used a few different Lindy’s Magicals to color my tail. I sprinkled some of the powder of each color on my base and gently sprayed it with water to activate the powder.
  • I dried it with a heat gun tool again and dry brushed over it with some white gesso.
  • I added my flowers and my quote.
  • And as a finishing touch, I splattered my project with some black splatters to give it some contrast.

Here are some detailed photos for you:

I also have a step-by-step video for you to watch.

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I hope you liked the inspiration that I prepared for you today!

Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy your days and take care of yourselves and your dear ones!

Hugs, Aleksandra

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