How to Use Glitzy Magicals on Black with Olga Ravenskaya

Hi gorgeous friends!

It’s Olga Ravenskaya here today with my new project and video tutorial.
I wanted to try how will be working Glitzy Magicals set on black and dark surfaces. And I have to say – it’s an absolutely fantastic effect! Have a look at my Glitzy Door.

Sharing with your several tips that I’ve used in my project.

Glitzy Magicals and any transparent gloss gel for altering chipboard and metal embellishments

  1. Cover your chipboard pieces or metal embellishments with black gesso.
  2. Mix a little amount of any transparent gloss gel with Glitzy Magicals – I’ve used Ritzy Rose Gold, Snazzy Sparkle and Scintillating Silver.
  3. Paint your chipboard by those mixtures using an old thin brush.
  4. After full drying (it takes a couple of minutes) you’ll get a gorgeous glossy wax-looking effect – have a look at the thin brunch on the photo below.

Glitzy Magicals and Sprays for creating beautiful die-cut pieces

  1. Take a sheet of watercolor paper and fix it on the table using masking tape.
  2. Spray over the paper using 3 or 4 dark colors, mixing them while spraying. I’ve used Black Orchid Silver, Silent Night Silver, Magnolia Magenta Gold and Open Arms Amethyst sprays.
  3. While wet, sprinkle over the sheet Glitzy Magicals using a fan brush – I’ve used Ritzy Rose Gold, Snazzy Sparkle and Scintillating Silver Magicals.
  4. Let them dry naturally and then die cut your designs. You’ll get beautiful die-cut elements with a touch of silver and pearl.

Glitzy Magicals and any black gesso for creating a background

  1. Prime your canvas or wooden board with black gesso and apply a pattern through the stencil using black texture paste.
  2. Sprinkle over the surface Glitzy Magicals here and there, add a little water from the sprayer and let it dry naturally. I’ve used Ritzy Rose Gold, Snazzy Sparkle and Scintillating Silver Magicals.
  3. If you want to add shades of colors – spray over with different sprays. I’ve used Black Orchid Silver, Silent Night Silver and Open Arms Amethyst sprays.
  4. Let them dry and repeat step 2 – you’ll get a fantastic textured background with silver, pearl and rose gold accents.

Here is my process video, hoping you’ll enjoy it!

And a couple pics of close-ups as a little inspiration.

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