Using Lindy’s Squirts and Sprays on Handmade Paper with Asia

Hello, lovelies. Have you ever tried to use Lindy’s on handmade paper? I tried it and I am soooo happy with the effect. I used Squirts and Sprays and the fact that they are watery paints made them run beautifully into the handmade paper, leaving great, deep streaks. The paints look like they are a part of the paper, encrusted forever in the fibers. This is definitely an experience or a project to repeat!

The process is really easy and of course, this is just my way of working with the paper:

  1. I tore the paper to the proper size to be able to adhere it later in my art journal and then I spritzed it with water
  2. I used Squirt- Hockey Puck Black to add to the page with a brush, I got black and golden color, with. little of dark green nuances. Then I use the heat gun to dry it.
  3. The next step was to add more black- this time I used Flat Fabio spray- Blazing Black, also adding it with a brush.
  4. I added some stamping and emboss them with Lindy’s Gang Black Forest Black EP (as you can see this page is a lot about black, but then there are so many nuances of this color that I really felt like this is something worth seeing- sometimes colors can be underestimated).
  5. I used Purely White  EP to add more contrast to the page and some splatter with Sidewalk Chalk.
  6. For my focal point, I used cut elements from Alexandra Renke paper- they are the paint tubes in green. I added a white thread, glue everything to the page, add some black splatter, word stickers and the page is done.
  7. The last step was to glue it to my art journal- I used double-sided tape to do so, but before I added the paint to the edges of the page in my journal with Blazing black and Hockey Puck Black.

Here are my close-ups and below you’ll find a link to my video on Lindy’s Gang channel:

Link to my video:

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Other products

  • Stamperia- handmade paper, Joy Craft stamp- Grunch Dots, Emboss It pad by Ranger, Kesi’Art stamp, Alexandra Renke paper, Paint Chips word stickers by 7 Dots Studio, double-sided tape, glue, foam tape.

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