4 Ways to use Glitzy Magicals with Nuneka

Hi gang! Nuneka here today to show you 4 ways of using Lindy’s Glitzy Magicals… and 1 extra technique with Chunky Embossing Powders! So let’s get started!!

I was thinking what to do with this fabulous new product, and it really inspired the whole project. I decided to paint the covers of one my art journals, so I prepared all the pieces with white gesso and glued some rice paper to three of the sides, getting them ready to color with Magicals.

Mixing Glitzy + Flat Magicals

I wanted to create a nice watercolor looking so I used to shades of blue: Bachelor Button Blue and Stormy Sky. To add extra shimmer, I mixed them on my palette with a little bit of Scintillating Silver and used my paintbrush to get that watercolor effect.


Mixing Glitzy + Transparent Texture Paste

To add some interest to these covers, I mixed Gleaming Gold Glitzy Magical with transparent texture paste, creating my own texture paste, translucent and super shimmery, absolutely beautiful. I applied a little bit here and there using a stencil with a geometric pattern.

To finish this part of the project, I drew some circles with gold markers making them match with the stenciled areas. I also inked the edges on black, getting a beautiful frame effect.

For the front cover, I wanted something more intense and dramatic so I used the same stencil to add texture with paste, I colored the whole cover with the blue Magical colors and stamped some text with gold ink. As you can see those are the same elements as in the other three pages, in a different way.


Coloring only with Glitzy Magical

I decided to use some chipboards as part of the composition, so I covered them with black gesso and then I applied Gleaming Gold Glitzy Magical directly with a water brush. The shimmer effect is absolutely stunning! I left some of the black visible, to get a more natural look.

Creating Acrylic Paint with Glitzy Magical

I wanted the same gold color on the rest of the elements of my composition, so I mixed Gleaming Gold Glitzy Magical with Finnabair’s Liquid Color Fluid Medium. This product is a transparent liquid which is the base of any acrylic paint, so you can create your own mixing it with Magicals. This is such a cool thing! Because this paint is permanent. So I covered some of the metal pieces with the mixing, getting the same beautiful gold color. To create some contrast, I made a new mix with the fluid medium and Bachelor Button Blue and painted the rest of the elements. I also used these two paints to color the flat side of the cabochons.

With all the elements in place, wire in the spine and some gorgeous ribbon to keep my journal closed, it was the moment to add the final touches.


Crazy Texture with Chunky Embossing Powder

I wanted something else to add more texture, to make everything come together, so I applied gel medium here and there over the chipboards and sprinkle embossing powders on top. I made a cool mix: Chip Off the Old Black + Don’t Scream Aquamarine Chunky Embossing Powder + Gimme Five Gold Detail Embossing Powder + Hyacinth Blue Jade Embossing Powder. I melted them all together and sprinkling some microbeads on top while it was hot.


I added some glitter and tiny gold stars here and there and glued a sentiment.

You can watch the full project on Lindy’s YouTube channel.


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  • white gesso, gel medium, rice paper, transparent texture paste, black and gold ink, glue, chipboards, glitter, microbeads, metal embellishments, ribbon, gold marker.


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