Two Ways to Decorate with Embossing for a unique Album

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This is Yulia Chernoberezhskaya on the Lindy’s blog today. Do you love embossing your artwork? I really love it and I want to show you two different ways to do this. Let’s look at an example of a small album measuring 15×15 cm.

First, let’s pick up paper and decor and choose a powder that matches the color of the paper.

Here I have sheer powder and gold. The sheer powder will leave the print visible on the paper and add new shades of color. And gold powder will make the edges of the album pages sparkle with gold.

I use an embossing brush and glue to make this uneven finish. I smear the edge of the paper with special glue, sprinkle with powder, shake off the excess and bake.

This is how it looks in the finished spread.

The second method of embossing I do with background stamps. This is the usual way that everyone knows. I stamp the drawing with glue and sprinkle with powder. You can shake it off where it seems too much, and then bake.

Translucent powder adds texture, but does not create volume and does not interfere with pasting over future photos.

Let’s take a look at the entire album, spread by spread, and see how wonderful powders have graced it!

Notice how the multi-tone powders give the pages amazing vibrant hues!

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